About Us

Scintilla Commercial & Credit Limited is anchored by a team of experienced and committed visionaries who are dedicated towards scaling the Company to greater heights through innovation and excellence; thereby creating value for all our stakeholders.

Details of Board of Directors of the company are as under:


Mr. Jitendra Kumar Goyal

Managing Director


Mr. Vidhu Bhushan Verma

Non executive Independent Director


Mr. Mahesh Kumar Kejriwal

Non executive Independent Director


Ms. Ritu Agarwal

Non executive Independent Women Director

C. K. Chandak & Co

Chartered Accountants

Address : Old 31 (New 10), P. L. Som Street, Near B.A. Mathwater Tank, Bhadrakali, Uttarpara, Hooghly-712232.

Email : chandakck@yahoo.com

The Company Has A High Vision For Increasing The Stakeholder Value By Achieving A Sustainable Growth In The Financial Sector.